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March 15, 2011
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Warning this is a YURI fan-fic don't like don't read also this is my first time doing a YURI fic so plz no hating (if you see a * look in the artist comments!)
M= nemu Kurotsuchi
R= Matsumoto Rangiku
K= Kurotsuchi   Mayuri
T= Hitsugaya
Y= yachiru

as nemu limps down the hall mayuri's words still echoed in her head as he stomped on her over and over…….

M: you stupid worthless thing!!, how dare you undermined my authority!

What exactly made her worthless she did not know, it seemed like every day was the same old thing; getting beaten senseless for close to nothing what so ever then having to cook and clean for her "master" or else and the next day weather she liked it or not it would just start all over agene.
Nemu sighs as she enters the lieutenants brake room only to be greeted by a vary drunken Rangiku who jumps on her the moment her slides the door open, she elands on the floor with bang!!

R: HI KUROSUCHI ^^ how's my favorite lil wet blanket doing today!?

But before nemu could respond or offer to take her to the fourth company for medical treatment Rangiku notices a bruise on nemu's collar bone,

R: awwww! The poor things hurt!

Rangiku pouts at this as a smirk appears across her face scaring poor nemu half to death

N: m…miss mo…….. Matsumoto??

Rangiku puts her index figure to nemu's soft lips

R: shhh! Let me fix that for you nemu

Then with out an other word Rangiku grabs hold of nemu's shoulders and pins her down as she starts to lick and suck on the exposed bruise, nemu lets out a gasp in surprise not knowing how to react to this. Rangiku twirls her wet tongue all along nemu's collar as she moves over to the girls shoulder biting down hard on the smooth flesh

N: o…ow! M…miss   Matsumoto p…please st….stop!

R: now why would I do that?  When………you're so wet down here!?

Rangiku then swiftly shoves her hand up the inner of nemu's thigh and into her pink panties as she grabs hold of he  "play things" wrists holding them above her head, nemu is speechless as a dark blush appears across her face

R: aawwww! So cute ^^

Y: what are you doing?

R: hummm?

Rangiku looks up and sees lil yachiru standing on her lil toy scooter in front of them with her head titled to the side in wonder

Rangiku smiles and waves her hand at her while saying…..

R: oh nothing lil kusajishi we're only playing a game! ^^

Y: can I play to!?

R: sorry but know it's a big person game

Y: o.k. ^^ bi, bi now and play nice ^^

As she scoots away on her toy as Rangiku is dragging hers into the  brake room cuffing her hand over nemu's mouth to muffle her yells for help as the pink hair girls goes out of sight, while ran is securing the door shut nemu is backing away from her trying to get as far away as possible but there's no such luck for as soon as the door is safely locked ran starts toured nemu, pinning her up against the wall she lifts up her nay moving it between nemu's legs, Rangiku grabs nemu's wrist one more only this time she shoves her tongue  into the shy girls mouth kissing her deeply

N: mmm..!!!

Rangiku massages nemu's tongue with her own the think sent of *sake still on her lips, now holding both the other girls hands with one as she begins to slip off the sash around nemu's waist, as the sash drops to the ground nemu's pink laced panties and matching bra are now exposed.
Rangiku pulls away from the kiss, using the sash to tie nemu's hands high above her head on a coat hook

R: heh! Don't be such a light weight! Loosen up!

With that Matsumoto ran over to the table getting the sake, walking back over to her victim she sees the fear in nemu's eyes as she begins to plead for her to stop

N: p…please! W…what ever you have planned just st….!!!!

Her words are cut off by the sudden jerking of her head back as Rangiku purrs the dry tasting liquid down her throat, dropping the bottle Rangiku then clamps nemu's mouth shut,

R: come on! Swallow it! ^^

N: nanny!!!

After about a minute or so the rise wine is soon to much for the girl to handle and she is forced to consume the sake, ones it s down Matsumoto releases her hold on nemu's mouth allowing the girl to breath

R: there! Now that your all lose lets see if you're "easy" to!

Rangiku winks at her as she starts to trace the brim of nemu's panties with her nails causing nemu to shack and shiver being scared as hell, Staring deep into nemu's hazel eyes Rangiku begins to slid her middle and index figures into the top of the nemu's undergarments.
By this point nemu has stopped moving and only watches as ran explores her body, only looking on as one hand trails its self more and more into her panties and the other begins to undo the younger girls bra.
A light blush goes across nemu's face as the full effect of the sake sets in making the girls mind go fuzzy and her legs give in some, Rangiku smiles seeing this and kisses nemu's ones more as she finely manages to get the bra off, being glad that it clipped in the front, she lets is hang on nemu's shoulders

R: ready for the real fun Kurotsuchi?

Rangiku then take nemu's soft nipple into her mouth cause nemu to moan and gasp as she try's her best to control her self,
Ran hooks her fingers ones there all the way in nemu's panties

N: ahhh! D……don't!

The sound of nemu's sweet soft voice in distress only arouses Matsumoto even more as her teeth bit down in nemu's breast, well her big mouth had to be good for something!, as she uses her free hand to grope the other one  

N: nnnnn!

Ran releases her grip and smiles at the shacking girl, soon she begins sliding her figures up word and into nemu, and Matsumoto uses her nays to spread nemu's wider.
Ran starts to give nemu a hickey when all of a sudden the door opens to ravel a dumfounded toshiru  Hitsugaya who collapse on the floor of a nose bleed………………….
i know, i know! i suck at doing yuri! >.< but this
was my first time!

*sake= a rice wine
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RAWRgoestheFLUFF Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
U should do more figs about these to I actually liked it
I was laughing my ass off at toshiro :lmao:
kira-hater-24 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
well thank you i just might ^^
RAWRgoestheFLUFF Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah buddie :#1:
EmiHoang776 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
is funny how I may be the only girl reading this or admitting that I'm reading this XD
kira-hater-24 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
the funny thing is, that was a commission for a girl
EmiHoang776 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh ok
bleachy-shuichi Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
you would have toshiru walk in o them XDD
kira-hater-24 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
hell yaz! XDDDD diod you liek ti!? i tryed to have it as grafhic as i could! ^^
bleachy-shuichi Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
yes i liked it lol XDDD and more graphics next time!!! :D
kira-hater-24 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
o.k i think i can do that! XDDD
whats was your fave part?
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